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We are now offering the latest in Thermal Scanning solutions to help deal with the spread of the Coronavirus, as people return to work it is vital that we all stay on top of monitoring employee and vistors temperatures. We are now offering a number of high quality solutions to fit all requirements, offering devices with inbuilt automatic dispensers and all designed around a non-touch system to avoid any unecessary touching of surfaces. Our systems are designed around removing the need for manned scanning stations, so no longer are companies required to have someone waiting for employees to arrive to have their temperatures scanned.

Our Thermal Face® range of temperature measurement terminals provides a fast, non-contact automatic read of an individuals body temperature. These terminals are an invaluable means to perform fever checks on any individuals entering a building, site or other space. Identifying those individuals with a high body temperature helps in identifying illnesses and reduce the risk of disease contagion. Infrared temperature monitoring cameras are widely used in airports and are proven in service. Our terminal solutions are simple to setup and use without any specific technical knowledge.

Our focus is not only to supply the devices but also support them. We offer remote support for the units (additional cost) giving us the ability to remotely connect to the devices to alter any settings or answer any questions, remote software allows us to instantly see issues for ourselves without the need to wait for an engineer to attend site, support also extends the manufacturer warranty giving you peace of mind if there were any defects outside of warranty. Alongside the support offerings we can also provide a cloud based software that works alongside the terminals, this software allows for email alerts meaning an email can be sent to a list of people if anyone using the devices scans over the predefined temperature limit. This software also allows managers to login to the system and view in real time who is using the terminals, if a user has been enrolled on the devices it will present a picture and name for each person that has used the device.

If you require any more information regarding support costs or the cloud based software please do not hesitate to contact us on the details below.

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mito_face_two   ZTF-66 ThermalFace ScannerZTF-84ZTF-84 ThermalFace Scanner




ZTF-101ZTF-101 ThermalFace Scanner                                ZTF-215 ZTF-215 ThermalFace Scanner


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New ZTF-101 ThermalFace Scanner

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New ZTF-66 ThermalFace Scanner

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New ZTF-84 ThermalFace Scanner

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New ZTF-215 Non Touch, 250nits, Floor Mount 1ltr

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New Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser

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