Seiko Precision QR-475 Time Recorder

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Main Features:

    • Calculating elapsed time between IN/OUT clockings and printing a running total of accumulated time
    • Selectable rules for overtime calculation
    • 4 clockings per day
    • 3 types of pay periods: Monthly, Weekly & Bi-Weekly
    • 2 colour (black/red) printing for irregular clockings
    • Maximum 100 employees capacity
    • Automatic column shift for IN/OUT clockings
    • Signal for external bell ringing relay for start/finish tea breaks, lunch breaks – up to 48 time settings
    • Password protection for program
    • Automatic BST/GMT time adjustments
    • Back lighted large L.C.D.
    • Built-in lithium back-up battery for 3 years data protection
    • Optional - Ni-Cd battery backup for operation during power failure

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